Monday, February 21, 2011

Fight Gone Bad

When I first started doing Crossfit back, I used to be very happy when wod's like Fight Gone Bad showed up in the programming.   It meant a break from the Oly lifts and other goats that we were working on a lot.   I laugh when I think back about this now.   It wasnt like I was putting up any monster FGB score, and realistically couldnt without working on my over head strength and rowing.  Now I fear this WOD when its posted as it is a complete killer.  It hits your legs, shoulder and blows your heart up.

My plan was to hit this WOD at Crossfit Craic and then head up to Northeast Harbor to enjoy a bit of the winter season there.  The 9am class size was perfect -6 people.  I suggested to Coach JI to run two heats, as that would allow for someone else to count.   Although John hadnt planned to do that,  he called for a a vote and the outcome was 2 heats,   I dont know about you, but when Im in a real tough wod simply counting seems like a rocket science to a brain that isnt getting enough fuel, blood and oxygen.

I was lucky enough to go in the 2nd heat which delayed the oncoming pain and suffering.   There were some terrific first time efforts by the first responder contingent.  I dont know about you but I always feel better when these guys crush the workouts.  The high score after the first group was 292.

 I felt good in the first part of the first round but that quickly went by the wayside and it was down to just trying to keep moving,   All in all I was pleased with my efforts and finally broke 300.

Movement Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Wall Ball 36 26 20 82
SDHP 30 20 18 68
Box Jump 23 19 17 59
Push Press 23 20 15 58
Row (Calories) 15 11 14 40
Totals 127 96 84 307

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