Thursday, February 10, 2011

Running Man

Today we had Tony Robbins in to present at our Global Sales conference. As amazIng a personal development coach that Tony is, Ted Chapman one our own at was the inspiration for the day. Ted was called on to discuss his successes and failures during the year and he took the opportunity to tell his story about his battle with cancer. Ted was asked by a friend to speak with someone who was also recently diagnosed with brain cancer since Ted was thought to be dealing with it so well. Ted shared that he wasn't really handling it well and wasn't sure what to tell this person. Even though he had outlived the 1 year to live statement the doctor gave him it had been really hard. After the year he decided he needed to reset his vantage point. He made shirts that said he was living with cancer nit dieing of cancer. he decided to focus on living and not how much time he had. It was amazing.

The day started at 5:30 am for a run with Dave Dempsey and Dennis Mahoney. Now Dave Demsey is an runner extraordinare and a short run for Dave is only hour. This is in contrast to Dennis and I who focus on mostly short runs. It was a great way to watch the sun come up as Dave paced us around the Strip. We ended up going for an 1hour and 5 minutes. Probably close to 8 miles.

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