Monday, February 21, 2011

Sheehan results in fish out of water

This WOD is named after a fellow Crossfit Craicer who is sadly moving back to Ireland.  Coach John programmed to of his least favorite moves to torture him one last time.  I sense a pattern emerging at Craic where Wods named after people always include the movements they dread. Clearly no sense in basking in the glory of a wod you might be good at.  The good news is that if "Anthony" ever comes up we know if wont allow for a visit to pukie the clown.

We started with a 3 rep max Thruster.  The goal was to build up to close to a max. I think I started to light and ran out of time and steam.  After a quick warm up with the bar I banged out 135, 155 pretty easily.  175 went up pretty easy although I swung the bar forward a little to much during the Thrust portion I was able to recover and lock it out.   I went to 195 and the first one went up easy.  Somehow on the second one in my attempt to keep it close I got it moving to quickly backwards and had to dump it. Next time I want at least 200.  Goal should be 225.

Thrusters 95/65

There was no way around it this one was going to leave me on the ground.  Clearly Mikko would not have been proud to see me thrashing around like a fish out of water when I finally finished.  I got the Thrusters straight through but need to improve cycle time on both movements.  Final Time 7:37

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