Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Short and Sweet

The original programming planned to have 400m runs and some kind of OLY lift but that went out the window when the weather report called for snow and rain.  I think John and Sara have played it very smart in adjusting for the weather as it was all ice when I walked over this morning.  Some crossfitters have a hard time adjusting for safety as they feel like its wimping out.  I think its using common sense.  A sprained ankle or broken arm slows the progress down more than changing a wod.   I was really considering doing Game Day 3 if the class was small but decided to try and do that tomorrow. 
A nice small class with just Amanda, Bill and Myself hitting Deadlifts and then "Annie"

Sara is super nice and gave us the option of doing Annie first which we all decided was a better idea.  In my mind having a fast time on Annie is predicated on the double unders flowing and my warm up was good so the confidence was high.   That said as soon as the wod started I flubbed up at 15 and again at 25. this kills a lot of time.  My situps were really good and I tried out the pushing off with your hands to accelerate backwards my wife told me about yesterday.   The Round of 30 was perfect but Bill was still neck and neck.  It was very close right to the end.  I hit a new Craic House Pr of 6:35

I was able to convince Amanda and Bill that instead of hitting the strength portion we should see if we could push Glenn down a few spots.  Now Glen has been hyperfocused on knocking John out of the leader board and in fact is currently tied.  Im not in there league but was able to increase my gym record to 132.  1 behind the next person.

Ended with Deadlifts. I misread the board and thought it was 7x7 so started a little to light.  Sara and Bill both told me to go with a regular grip to build hand strength.  Good idea.  I wonder how these deadlifts will translate to a 1 rep max.  My best is 415 but havent even attempted that in awhile.

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