Monday, February 14, 2011

Snatches on Valentine's Day

1000m row warmup and mobility drills

I thought we we work hang snatches first and we ended up doing a 500m row TT. Felt really strong out of the gate but realized that I was on calories not meters setting. I didn't want to slow down to change it myself so it took a few precious rows to gets someones attention. Finished in 1:32. ecet time consisting I didn't count down and I wasn't completely wrecked when I was done.
next we worked hanger power snatches focusing on form with a light weight. 1 minute drill at 65lbs did 17 reps. I'm not sure a 1minute drill makes sense when you are trying to dial in form.

WOD 21-15-9 OHS Squats at 95lbs and pull ups. This is practically Fran with what should be an easier movement. First round I ripped through and was able to hold butterfly, Next round lost the butterflies and by the third round had to pause on the bar. Did a 3:35. Need to push myself harder. Needed bubba or some other fire breathers to go head to head with.

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