Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I feel like I am dating Helen and channeling Nelson Mandela

Its rare that you hit the same WOD twice in the same month let alone twice in 2 weeks.   Last week I did Heavy Helen in a Globo gym with same friends and it came up again at Crossfit Craic today.   That's a bit of a lie as it was originally scheduled for Monday but postponed because of the morning snow.  By the afternoon the snow was gone so Coach John gave everyone the option to do Shaheen or Helen.  I opted to wait a day and also let someone else put up the score to try and beat.  

I opted to do a double today which is what I am trying to do when  I am home.   Morning was dedicated to strength training and some skill work.   Warmed up with sets of double unders and then hit backsquats.  Back Squats gave me a chance to rest my forearm and wrist which are nicked up and to do something that will hopefully benefit me across the board.  The plan was to hit 5x5 with the weight straight across.  Warm_up - Bar, 135, 185, 205, 225, 225, 225 and the hit 255.  Felt good and probably should have gone up to 275.

Move on to Dips after that and did sets of 10, 15, 15 and then 3 sets of 5 with 35lb weight and then a set of 10 body weight to close it out.

Then I had all day to think about Helen and wonder if I could improve on my time of 8:46.  Once you hit a degree of strength this WOD is all about how fast can you do those 400's.  Thats where most of the time is spent since the rep counts are relatively light.  Fireman Bill had put up an 8:13 yesterday which was totally sick.   As I warmed up and doubts started to creep into my mind and I channeled Greg Amundson and his advice from the Journal a few days ago and decided to talk myself into why I could crush this.   All those negative thoughts do really hold you back.   This reminds of a powerful speech by Nelson Mandela. 

I think that keeping this verse front and center will be very beneficial.   After a brief warm up we hit the WOD.   First Round 2:24, 1 second off Bill's pace.  Round 2 still feeling good 5:14  4 seconds down on Bill.  Round 3 really starting to wobble on the run and the pace is way off. Final time 8:21 a new PR by 25 seconds!  Lost another 4 seconds in that last round definitely on the run.  It would be good to do this head to head with Bill and Paul.  As I only finished 4 seconds ahead of Paul and 8 seconds by Bill.

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