Saturday, October 19, 2013

Better than expected

When the alarm went off this morning I had no desire to get out  of bed.   I was wicked tired and Saturday's lack the enticement of a known workout calling your name wasnt helping.    Even with all that going through my mind I knew that I would feel worse if I didnt workout.    On the way to the gym I got a text from Susie with the WOD and it looked good.

I was looking forward to the 20 rep back squat since I hadnt done it since Jeff and I did that as part of WOD.  I only did 185lbs then (checl out the post here - Aug 11 2013) and Jeff texted me that he hit 235lbs as a PR.  I wasnt sure I was up to try and tie or beat that but felt comfortable I could best 185lbs.

20 Rep Back Squat


Happy with this and felt that I could probably get 235 or more if I dont do 2 sets of 20.

Next was Strict Press, Push  Press and Jerk. The limiting factor was definitely going to be the strict press.

95-115-135-155-165.   I was happy with the 165 as that is not far off my 1 rep max.

Lastly the wod which featured HSPU.   These havent gotten better but they are probably still one of my weakest movements.

Front Squats @135lbs
Strict HSPU

14:11   Totally slowed down by the HSPU

After a short break I was going to do the Lurong challenge with Steve M and Anthony but the double unders killed my foot so by the time I got to the cleans it was throbbing so I called it after 2 rounds.

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