Thursday, October 3, 2013

Old School Metcon

I really like these kind of Metcons.   Brings back fond memories of 3x1 mile at CFNE. Those were always brutal and you killed yourself to get on the scoreboard. 

1 mile run
10min Mobility
2000m Row
10min Mobility
5 min Double Unders

Started with the run and felt really good but didnt have a sense for the pace.  No one in my group really pushed me.  Was hoping Dave C or Rob P was in the group as I would have someone to chase. Finished the run but wasnt ruined. 

Time 6:53

2000m Row - Tried to stay very consistent.  Didnt kill myself.  Probably started a bit to quick. Next time I think I should start at 1:55 and then in the 2 and 3rd 500m segments really push hard.

On the 5 minute double unders my rhythm was good but my arms got tired and I became winded.   I kept going past the 5 minute mark but probably should not have as it was very hard on my foot.

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