Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ugh - No energy & worse no interest

Really dragging this morning.  Did not sleep well at all.   I also have to figure out a better plan for Saturday Wods as I dont like going into Saturday which is my biggest training day of the week not knowing what it is going to be until I am there.  I do love to train with the group as there is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  Pinged Paul last night but he wasnt training. 

Warmup - arm swings , leg swings

30 snatches for quality in 20 min
Warm up
45, 95, 115, 135

All power Snatches

I was giving Jarrod a hard time before we did this one, calling him Dave Castro because he as repeating wods we already did in the opens.  I am so thru with the Opens I would be glad if I never did another wod from that series.  Surprisingly I still feel that strongly 7 months later.  I wasnt even sure I was going to do the WOD.   Settled on doing it otherwise I would have had to sit around and wait for the next class to begin and I certainly wasnt going to do that.

10 min amrap
60 bar facing burpees
30 OHS @120
10 muscle ups

Given my lack of interest I set a pretty slow pace out of the gate , even worse was when I lost focus and forgot to count reps.  Susie and Dan and Rita all finished before me.  I was fine with that.  OHS werent so bad but decided against trying to do them unbroken.  Went with 15-10-5

Got to the Muscle-Ups with about 45 seconds left but needed to find the chalk bucket so lost so time but nothing material.   Cranked out 5 straight and then ran out of time.
Total 95 reps

It has become a Saturday morning routine for a group to do the Lurong Challenge WOD between classes and I prepped to Join K-Luv, SteveM and Anthony not really knowing if I would finish it as I was feeling the work I had already done.   It started out fine but those Farmer Carries were harder than I expected.

20 Min Time Cap:
Ascending Ladder of
Front Squat
Push Press
Farmer Carry
Ending with a Finisher of 13 Burpee Muscle ups
Got thru 7 muscle ups at the end

Would have been good to do that one fresh but have no desire to ever do it again.

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