Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tired but still motivated

Woke up to this morning to discover the gym would be open before the 9am KB class.   I had no idea what my wod would be but it didnt matter.  Whenever I see other people doing a wod I generally am motivated to do it as well.  Two small snags - most of the group was doing the Lurong wod I did yesterday and the rest of the group was doing personalized programming related to working on their OLY Lifts.  Oh well - I feel back on a good source of wods - the CF Masters 2013 Testing Lab.  I briefly considered doing WOD 2 from the Lurong challenge of 100 swings and 100 burpees and just felt like that was not a good wod to do after a double day yesterday.

On a 12-minute clock:
0-10:00 Establish a 1RM deadlift.
10:00-12:00 Amrap Burpees over the bar.

Spend the first 10 minutes establishing a 1rm deadlift. As soon as the clock hits 10, begin burpees over the bar. Burpee first, then jump. Both feet must leave the ground and land together.

there must be an equal number of burpees and jumps in order to count the rep. (ie. if the clock runs out on a burpee and you've not jumped over the bar, no rep.

Standard deadlift rules - shoulders behind bar. Full extension.

Did a warm up of 225, 275, 295 and then started the clock, 

I then went to 345, 385, 415, 435.   I stopped at 435 as I started to feel it in my back even though I had close to 3 minutes left. 

Here is the lift.  

2 Minutes of Burpees - 35

These went better than I expected.

My foot is still bothering me.  I cant wait for it to be pain free but I just dont know if it ever will be.  

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