Saturday, October 5, 2013

Double Box WODS

Met up with Paul Teehan at Florian to train with him.  Its been awhile since the two of us have trained
together probably over a year which is way too long.    I was a bit worried about the WOD because of the 185lb front squats as I thought they were 10 reps.   They were only 5 so not nearly as bad. 

Glenn Waters Warm up@135lbs
5 DL'S
5 pc
15 bs
10 ohs
3 x 5 thrusters 1 min rest

Run 800m
5 round
10 front squats
10 t2b

100 double unders

Total Time - 12:40   The first 800m took me 3:40 which wasnt that fast but I was able to come in and start immediately.

On the way home I stopped at Craic as I knew the advanced class would be just finishing.  A quick hello to the gang as they were on the way to breakfast but I saw that Anthony and Steve were inside so I did a quick hello.   Well the quick hello turned into joining them for a Lurong challenge WOD.  Those guys are always enthusiastic and have a great spirit so its always fun to train with them.  Plus I got Anthony to do a great impression of my man Noe.

Wod 2

50 Thrusters @ 95 4:21
50 t2b. 7:42

Broke the first movement into 20, 10, 10, 8, 2
Toes to Bar went better,    did 25, 10, 10, 5

Total time 7:42    the 50 thrusters took 4:21 and the t2b took 3:20

Cool that the wod was captured on video by the one and only Dickson Boston!

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