Thursday, October 24, 2013

Down to the wire

Up at the Crack of Dawn, unfortunately not to do a wod at crossfit but to fly to NY for a day of meetings.   I was originally suppose to have a client dinner but once Uehara ended game 6 with a strikeout I knew there would be no way this dinner would be happening with Game 2 occurring  at the same time.   Dinners can be rescheduled but a World Series doesnt come around all too often so fine by me.  

If the travel gods were smiling down on me I knew there would be a chance I could make the 7:30 class.    Made it with 2 minutes to spare.   I dont think I have done the 7:30 class but once or twice so when Jarrrod asked the class if everyone knew me - the response was blank stares.   How would they know me I'm like the invisible man.  Niko was there and I always enjoy being in class with him.  Its always nice to train with someone who was  reluctant to join but once they start are addicted to the Craic like the rest of us. 


400m Run
Mobility -
Heavy Kettlebell swings  - quarter, halfs and fulls @106lbs

The WOD was programmed as follows:

30min AMRAP
Run 400m
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 Kettlebell Swings

Jarrod suggested we all modify it as appropriate.

I decided to do swap 2 muscle-ups instead of 5 Pull-ups and picked an easy weight for swings @53lbs.  My goal in this wod is to keep moving and focus on the runs.

7 rounds plus 400meters and 2 Muscle-Ups

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