Sunday, October 27, 2013

CFE Recovery WOD

Yesterday was the CFNE Masters event.  We had some Craicer's in the mix and it was nice to see Rob Potash do well and place 3rd.  I knew he would enjoy crossfit and it is great to see him have success in his first competition. 

Surprisingly I don't feel too bad about not being in the event.  I originally had not signed up because I didn't think I would be ready due to the problems with wrist and foot, but wrist is now 100% (knock on wood) and foot is not holding my training back too much.   In fact my fitness is coming around and I feel pretty good about where I am right now.  The events seemed pretty cool but I think they rewarded an athlete who had a huge engine as nothing was particularly heavy.   I did all the events just to try them out but I would never use that to compare how I would have done.   I didn't do the event so I was DNS (did not start).   The one they called "Triple Take" was super important as they scored each segment separately.   You really had to pace it well. When I tried it I totally blew up and had nothing left for the next two movements.   My bench sucks so I would have gotten crushed in that and the obstacle course would have been tricky with my foot.  I have this fear it will rip again so I am a little gun shy.  Kudos to John Dunlap, Kevin Unger, Frozen John and Richard Johnson for their performances.   Especially Richard Johnson who tells me he hasn't been training at all.  I wish I could be that good without training.

Put a pretty hard double in yesterday so my plan was to just go in and keep moving. 

30min NOT for time or reps:
500m Row /400m Run alternate
10 KB Swings @70
10 Pull Ups
10 Sit Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Hip Extensions

Just in case I do it again I got in 5 rounds.  I had to catch my breath after the swing and I was feeling the last couple days of muscle-ups as my pullups werent what I would call easy.

I want to clarify a comment I made yesterday - In no way shape or form was I criticizing Jarrod's programming for advanced class I was just sharing my complete disdain for anything to do with the OPENs.  At this point I am NOT planning on doing the 2014 wods unless they are part of regular Craic programmed. 

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