Friday, August 10, 2012

Rest Day - Travel Day

 Last day in Hawaii at the Mauna Kea.   Its been a great 4 days and the presentation went well which made it even better.  We had a very bold goal for FY14 and Marc said if we got it he would give us 100k each.  Trust me when I said we were already motivated.  This just dialed it up.

Long day of travel - left the hotel at 6:30pm for an 8:30 flight.   We arrived at LAX at 4:45am.   Chilled out in the United Lounge till the 8:30am flight.  Ended up with a slight delay because of weather in Boston. Arrived in Boston around 6:30pm.  Home by 7:30pm

Quick Swim before heading to air
Sunrise at LAX

Sunset on the way to airport

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