Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was really debating whether to do wait and do the 1 rep max lifts on Friday, go to the YMCA here in SF and do the best I can or try and talk my way into being able to do it at one of the local Crossfit Gyms here.   Decided that doing the lifts after landing off a red eye was just stupid.  Additionally it would screw up my weekend training if I pushed it off as well.  Sent a message to a buddy at one of the crossfit boxes but didnt hear back so decided to do as best I could at the Y.   I mean work is work even if its not the best 1 rep max you can do.  I made the assumption I would get some benefit whether that be tuning the form or strength.

1 rep max OHS.

3@135lbs-  Cant believe how good this weight felt. 
1@175lbs smooth and comfortable
1@205lbs no problem
1@215lbs yee haw! Stopping here as I cant drop the weights and Im more concerned about not being able to bale if I have a problem. Very happy with these.

Snatch Balance (suppose to be 1 rep max)

1@135  Form started to go. So I stopped here.  Couldnt push thru as noted above

Hang Squat Snatch (was suppose to be 1 rep max)


These all felt comfortable.  Ran out of time.   But pretty satisfied with the effort and how I felt regardless of whether they were not the original plan.

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