Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pain Cave

When I read this workout I knew it was going to hurt but I at least thought that 6 minutes would give me plenty of time to recover.  In fact over the last month i cut some of the rest breaks down because of time constraints so I was doubly confident.   That was all out the window in round 2.   Round 1 went very well considering I was not feeling well at in church this morning.   Really tired, slight headache and nauseous so i was strongly considering going home and straight to bed.

30s Thrusters @115lbs
30s T2B
1min Sprint AD-cals, ROW-cals, Run -dist
rest 6mins

Big first round, second round big drop off, 3rd round better.   By this time Coach John was done his wod so I asked him whether i should continue on past 4 if my score was down.  At first he said if score drops off your finished,   That said after I finished that round he said do the next round.  I was really hopping to be done but after lying on the floor for a good 4 + minutes I just got up took a deep breadth and thought - "just do the best that you can and feel strong and you will be strong" .  I think it worked as I was able to match my 4th round.  It was especially helpful to have John telling me to breath faster,   That made it much easier.

Heart Rate Data topped out at 182bpm in the 3rd round.  Last 2 rounds I think I was too beat down to put the energy in to get it to pop. 

Thrusters T2B AD
Round 1 15 15 28
Round 2 13 16 15
Round 3 12 15 17
Round 4 11 11 20
Round 5 11 11 20
Total 62 68 100