Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 Seconds in the Hole

When I got the gym this morning it was like a sauna. The thermometer read 88degrees so I knew warming up wasnt going to be hard. I was a little concerned about the tweek in my back. On Thursday while standing in line at security checkpoint I turned and the right side mid back seized up and took the wind out of me. Got a light massage @xpresspa before i boarded the plane.

When I read this strength portion of this I was like no problem. That is until I saw 3 second hold. 3 Seconds is like an eternity.

A) Back Squat (3 sec hold at the bottom of each rep)
 Warmup 8@135
The last reps were very hard on the last 3 sets
My back was fine but my shoulder-neck ended up getting tweeked. Ugh Nothing to stop me but did cause some concern

B) Muscle-Ups - 4 unbroken on the min until failure
Decided not to do any warm up MU's just hit the timer and go

0-1min 4
1-2min 4
2-3 min 4
3-4 min 4
4-5 min 4
5-6 min got 2 and failed on 3rd attempt. 22 in 5:15. Could I have done 8 more in 1:30? who knows
What it does tell me is that sets of 4 is too many when going for 30 for time.

C) Abs - your choice
Ball Toss

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