Monday, August 27, 2012


Today was suppose to be a rest day but after reviewing my schedule for tomorrow I realized there was no way I was going to be able to squeeze a workout in.  I leave bright and early for a meeting in Bristol Ct and then in the afternoon I fly to SF and in between I have a bunch of meetings.  Made the call after my last conf call at 8pm to hit the gym.  I was wavering between looking forward to the workout to being absolutely terrified.   Mostly of the the 10min AMRAP.  Burpees and wall balls are just killer.  But first some Deadlifts which I enjoy.

A) SDL 2-2-2-2-2
So I might have screwed this up. I ended up doing Snatch grip DL standing on 45lb plates. it was plenty hard.
Warm up 10@135lb and 5@225

The last two were not touch and go. I dropped the weight on the way down on the first rep and two plates fell off. So it took me a few seconds to put back together.

 As I said I was excited to do a regular wod and even better I convinced Super "Power" to join me so I would have someone to try to keep up with! 
10min AMRAP
10 WB
10 PLU

I was really happy how I felt in the first round on this one as it took me  less than a minute.  The wall balls felt easy which is a first.   I felt pretty strong which has not been the norm.   I felt like my wb's and pullups were good, the burpees were slow but I just kept moving. 

6 Rounds plus 1 rep.

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