Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Walking in to Crossfit Gotham I could see the rowers out on the floor from the far end of the hall way.   Funny how a piece of a equipment can cause you to break out in a sweat and cause your mind to start racing.  At least now I can sense this and get myself under control before I either start to whine or complain.   I started the self coaching - "you are getting better at rowing",  "the better you get  the less it will will hurt" .  "Focus on technique and all of the tips that my rowing sensei Duncan Kennedy shared with me over lunch last week."

Coach Mike had programmed a nice one. 

L-Sits for time and then a 12 minute row for meters.

1 - 1 min
2 - 45 sec
3 - 40
4 - 30
5 - 20

12 min row - started off well but fell off the pace and couldnt keep up with others in my group - finished 3rd out of 4 in my heat. The overall results are posted on the right


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