Monday, July 25, 2011

Crossfit Garage Graffiti Style Mural creation

Its always good to be able to tap into your network to get the right help.  I had asked Dan Falt who is the renaissance man of Northeast Harbor if he knew any contemporary mural artist.  (Think illustrations aerosol art style)  He told me he would think about it and get back to me.   When I came back this week I ran into Dan at the grocery store and he said I have the perfect guy for me - Mike P Mike P.  grew outside of Boston but now practices his trade in NYC.   As soon as we saw Mike P's portfolio we knew it was a perfect match.   Within a few hours he had sketched out some ideas and was ready to start today.    I thought this would  be a couple day process but he was able to finish it in 7 hours.   If any of you want him to do your gym or garage let me know. 

For the full time lapse version check this out this link -
Time Lapse Garage Crossfit Graffiti Style Mural

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