Saturday, July 9, 2011


Susie is away and it was pouring down rain this morning so it gave me an excuse to drive to Ellsworth and pick up a few things for the house.   I got the additional mats for the floor and I bought a piece of Shower board also called Melamine tile wall panel or Tile Board which makes a great dry erase board.  Tom Loring once again came over to give me a hand hanging the wipe board and then again in the afternoon cutting tiles while the kids had a water balloon fight. 

Finally - with all the chores down it was time for Elizabeth.   Quick Warm-up and then just went after it. 

Lap 1 - 3:53
Lap 2  3:40
Lap 3 - 1:54
Total Time - 9:29  17 second PR

For some reason there just isnt enough time to work on all the things I need to work on.  Cleans, Jerks, HSPU's somehow I need to work on them.

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