Monday, July 4, 2011

First Mountain Run of Season

It is interesting how easy you forget how hard something is over time.   As I was thinking about the first mountain run of the season I was planning on doing the customary run to Sargent Mountain which is about an 8# mile round trip run.   My buddy Tom Loring who is not only more talented and better looking is also smarter and suggested a warm up run to the top of Norumbega Mt also known as Brown Mountain.    This was a good idea as I was really suffering when we hit the incline.   It felt just like you do when your doing Fran except its not over in 4 minutes.   Not much of a view today due to the fog.  Here is the course:

When I got backed we dropped Tristan off at Sailing and then I coached Susie through her 100 Burpees.   She did awesome - 7:33

I broke in the barbell and rack with some strict press work

2x5 at 95lbs
3X5 at 115
1X3 at 135
1x1 at 155
1x1 at 165 Failed

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