Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crossfit Northeast Harbor & 100 Burpees for time

CrossFit Northeast Harbor Maine
Got the gym unpacked and assembled, thanks to some help from my friend Tom Loring.   A wall timer is on its way from Amazon later this week and I need to get some bags of sand to weigh down the rack or bolt it to the floor. Not sure which option I am going to go with yet, I you all have opinions let me know.   Here is a photo of the gym.  I would like to create a video later this week. 

With all this new equipment you would have thought I would have done a equipment intensive wod.   Nope - the coach programmed 100 Burpees for time so that is what I did.   Susie was going to go first but she tweaked her back so she has to wait till tomorrow.   It was nice to have her counting and yelling out splits.  So here is how it went down.

25 burpees - 1:09
50 burpees - 2:38
100 burpees - 5:33

I think this is a record for me.  Last time I did it I was 6+ minutes.

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Sean Urban said...

thats unreal. I would use sandbags, not sure how much time you spend up there but drilling into concrete is not a lot of fun.