Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paul T Holiday WOD

I almost ran out of time before we had to get on the boat in time to make our dinner reservation.  Its hard to believe on vacation that one would be hard pressed to find the time to workout.  The challenge is that on vacation its hard to get into a routine.   What I had planned to do was to do an early mountain run and then come home and take my son to sailing.  By the time we got back the construction guys were here to do some of the last punch list items.  So the WOD got pushed.  A few projects around the house, kid pickup, lunch at the pool.  The trifecta - Ocean Swim, Ocean Pool Swim and then the pool.  Getting in the ocean was so cold my back literally froze up and I had a hard time breathing.   It was 89 degrees air temperature and the Ocean temp about 54 degrees. WOW that was a wake-up call.  Came home and started a cooking project with my oldest only to have to stop to take the youngest to tennis.  Hang out at the tennis clinic.  Drive home to get the oldest and then my window was less than hour so I sent Susie. 

Start the WOD at 4:30.  This had better be fast as I need to finish, shower, and be at the boat by 5pm.

Paul T Holiday WOD
5 Rounds
400m Run
20 KB Swings
20 Pull-Ups
30 Sit-ups

Total time 20:08
Lap 1 3:36
Lap 2 3:59
Lap 3 4:10
Lap 4 4:22
Lap 5 3:59
Just missed my 20 minute goal

Good workout.  Definitely easier than running up a mountain.

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