Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossfit Miami Beach - Kelly

A visit to a new box is always a great experience.  I emailed and tried calling but couldn't get a hold of anyone so I decided to just show up and see what happened.   Got the usual answer - glad to have you join us!.    Crossfit Miami Beach is sponsored by Reebok so they have a fantastic space - really big, big roll-up doors, nice reception and locker room area. All good.  Here are a few photos:

When I saw the workout - Kelly, I thought wow this girl is getting to be a regular date of mine. I had just tangled with her 2 weeks ago and set a PR.    I was up for the challenge but there was a little  wrinkle.   5 rounds and same exercises but different order.   Had to do 30 Box Jumps, 30 Wall Balls and then run 400m.   The first round started well but even after coach explained the course to me I missed the turn.  How hard could it be to go around a block.   Well I blew by the alley as I was thinking I had been on a street and then got really confused and crossed an intersection and then finally circled back.   Clearly the brain was not functioning well.   First round 6:42.   That is 2 plus minutes off what I was expecting and put me into last place in the class.   I had some catching up to do and blew through the next round.   Probably not a good idea as I was now in a energy budget deficit.  No use calling Scotty the engineer of Star Trek fame for more power, as it was clear the dilithium crystals had, had it. I slogged through the next 2 rounds to end in 25:59.   I figured I lost about 2+ minutes so I wasn't far off my pr time,

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