Sunday, July 31, 2011

500M Row PR

I have been trying to break 1:30 in my 500M Row for the last 8 months.   The best I have done this year is 1:31.7.  My best all time way back in January of 2010 was 1:30.0.    I really wanted to do that!  There were 7 people in class today and we did 2 person heats.  I went last so I could really focus. I was ready for the pain and just wanted to fight through it.   I was in good shape through the first 250M and tried to not fall of the past for the next 150. With 100m to go I just had to give it everything I had.  Final time 1:28.7! Yes - I crushed my time.  It took a lot out of me and spent the next few minutes lying on the floor.  I believe that I can go faster.   I just need to work on rest, sleep and strength.  

The next WOD was in my power alley aside from the med ball clean but there were only 5 so it wasn't going to slow me down that much.  Since it was such a short one  you had to be smooth.   Of course that meant I miscounted and did a few extra reps.  No big deal.  Jack Daly put up a 1:40 that is no joke!

WOD: 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
Toes to Bar
Pull Ups
5 Medicine Ball Cleans between each couplet

Total time 1:50

Two short WODs  but really hard.   Hoping for a strength day tomorrow that is easy on my wrist which I tweaked yesterday practicing hand stands I think


johnny Craic said...

Good job on the row bro! setting PR's after 4 years is really impressive

Rob O'Brien said...

Awesome job John. The 500 is painful...especially the last 100m.