Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cedar Swamp Mt Run

I decided last night that trying to do a full run to Sargent Mt at this point is not advisable as that is close to 10 miles and takes 2hrs. Certainly cant do that and then turnaround and do a crossfit work-out an hour later.   Tom Loring piked me up and we drove up to the gate house to park and we saw a familiar face in  Henry Fox.   I figured Henry was on his way back down from a run to Sargent as he is a super early bird.  He said he just was doing a loop around Hadlock as he has had a foot injury so hasnt been able to train.   Great to see him, he looks as good as ever.  Hopefully getting out on the bike with him tomorrow. Henry gave us the idea to just do the run to Cedar Swamp which was a good idea.  The beginning of the run was certainly harder than I would have liked but by the time I got warmed up I felt good.  In fact it was the first time in a couple of years that I didnt have to walk on the steep section just off the carriage trail.

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