Thursday, July 28, 2011

Craic Programming and Consistency

My biggest challenge right now is that my schedule is way off.  Some people ask me how I do it when Im on the road. Its easy I have a routine and plan as far as when to workout and where and when to eat.  This has been all thrown off the last week.   Im on Dad duty as my wife is away.  Trying to work,  get the kids to sailing camp, feed them, keep them unplugged has lead to me not doing well on eating or training front.   Got half the equation going to day with some training but not on eating side.  Way too many cheats.  Hard to stop even though it makes me feel crappy.

Got a good fast hike/run up Brown Mountain. 

Later that Day I hit a Crossfit Craic workout from earlier this week.

Simple but Hard

100 KBS
100 Double Unders

Did 60 straight swings and then just didnt have the will to do more than 10-15 at a go after that.

4:21 swings

Total time 7:55

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