Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Too Early

I was dragging this morning and probably should have taken a rest day,  since I am home this week I really wanted to put the work in.   Its just so easy to go to gym versus having to figure out whether there is a crossfit gym close by or the hotel gym is any good. 

Ordinarily I would have been excited for these movements but right now I am focused on improving my metcons so these don't hit the spot quite the same way.

Power Cleans
Rx: Heavy Two
30 C&J For Time

Power Cleans

A mess at 95, 135, 155, some at 185 and then 3 at 205

Good enough for today.   All were touch and go.

Grace Partnered up with Jacob Burrows.  His form is super clean and made it look quite easy. 

Tried to see how fast I could do a big chunk.  Got 10 really fast but it gassed me so I had to recover and then try to regain some speed.  Way too sloppy and slow.  Did a 3:33 Way off my last time.  Good enough for 5:30am.

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