Friday, June 20, 2014

End of #NBC7

This was the first NoBreadChallenge or Paleo challenge that Susie and I were in together.    It was super motivating to have a partner to keep each other honest.   We had a great time posting photos of food that we knew would tempt each other.  That said we both were determined and remained 100% committed to eating clean.    I hope that everyone got a laugh out of those posts.  There intention wasnt to be cruel to each other but to keep things light and let everyone know that they were stronger than any temptation if they had the support of the community.

After the 50 days I  really didn't miss a lot of the things that I had been eating that were questionable and my energy level has been good.  I lost a little weight and leaned out a bit.   Now its just staying the course maybe not quite as strict but not allowing myself things just when the stress level is high.  Generally my cheats come when traveling or on the road.  Not surprisingly but this can be managed if your committed.

Pre Performance Metrics and Post Performance Metrics

Its a bummer that I wasn't able to do all the tests but here is what I have.

NB test 1 - 30/30
 April 30 2014 - Time 3:14
June 18 2014 - 2:32

NB test 2 - Helen
No first test - prior scores from 2009 - 2012
1. 8:54 11-09
2. 8:46 12-09
3. 8:59 4-09
4. 8:46 11-10
5. 8:21 2-11
6.  11:42 6-11 Heavy Helen 70lb KB and c2b
7.  8:03 11-12
June 20 2014 - 8:21 2nd fastest time.  Very happy as my running is down signficantly since the foot injury last summer.

Test 3 - April 28th
Front Squat - 285
Clean -225
Missed the restest but for a comparison basis my best Front Squat was 275lbs and my best Clean was 255.

The photos that prove the progress.  After the 2013 Opens finished and I was disappointed in not qualifying I reflected in what originally got me interested in crossfit.  It wasnt the competitions (there really werent any back then) it was because I liked working out and being challenged.   So I have been focusing on that and its been a fun year.   My workouts have been my workouts.  I haven't worried about whether someone was faster or doing more.  I'm in this for the long haul and its what I do not who I am.   I enjoy the camaraderie of the group.  How else can I explain going to Crack Of Dawn when I could actually go later.  The only advice to all of you youngsters who are tearing it up.  Make sure you have a long term view of your goals - its easy to get consumed by the sport and spend a lot of negative energy on what is not going right. 

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