Friday, June 13, 2014

Nasrty Girls

I think this may be one of the old school crossfit workouts that I have never done.  In fact I was a little bit intimidated doing it.  I have really done many muscle-ups in a long while.  
 “Nasty Girls”
50 Air Squats
7-Muscle Ups
10-Hang Cleans

My plan was to break the muscle ups right away in sets of 2.   Blew that off right from the start and did 6-1 everything else unbroken.   2nd round I did 4-3 and then hangs unbroken.    Last round 4-2-1 and then 5-5 for the cleans.

Total time - 12:26   Wasted a lot of time on the muscleups


2 games of fish row

Round 1 - 1020 2:07 pace 940 meters
Round 2 - 1440 2:17 pace 908 meters

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