Saturday, June 7, 2014

Drop in at advanced class

3 Position Snatch

 Perform a Snatch at each position without dropping the barbell between positions:

Position 1:  Hi-Hang (Hip Crease)

Position 2: Top Knee (1-2" above knee caps)

Position 3: Ground 

*Rest between sets

Jarrod gave us 45 minutes and told us to stay at a weight where our form was good.  I worked with Ben and did most of the work at 115.  My last round was 135lbs.   As I told Jarrod I don't want to bulk up so not going heavy.  Of course I was joking but I do want to focus on my metcon.  


15 Min AMRAP

10 Front Squats 

10 HSPU strict 

10 Deadlifts

10 Toes to Bar

We did 2 heats and I went in the 2nd group.  Got to witness how hard this wod was going to be as Jarrod did 3 plus 10.  I was worried about the front squats and HSPUps.  Got all Front Squats unbroken and got large sets of hand stands.  Hard but not impossible. 

3 rounds plus 22 reps 

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