Friday, June 27, 2014

Looks can be deceiving

When I walked in the door for the 6:30 class and found most of the 5:30 class on the floor wrecked I was quite surprised.  I has glanced at the wod and thought looks challenging but not frightening.   I has read it wrong and it was a emom not an Amrap and that changed everything.

Long involved warm up of couch stretch and shoulder stretch then some work with change plates.   


EMOM 7 minutes 
5 front squats @205
3 Muscle Ups

Rd 1 check 
Rd 2 check 
Rd 3 5 and 2
Rd 4  5 and 3
Rd 5 miss
Rd 6 check
Rd 7 5 and 2

That was very hard as the front squat had me very shredded

Tris with his bunk mates

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