Friday, June 20, 2014

Helen Redux as part of NBC#7

One of my favorite workouts of all time.  You dont have super technical skills, its just 3 basic movements - Running, Swings and pullups.  I have done this quite a few times so have a lot of metrics to compare against.  

Spent a lot of time thinking about my approach and how I would do.   Knew that if I was in the same heat as Tom Gormley I would do better as I had someone to chase. 
Tom and I had a plan to pace the first run as much as possible maybe do a 1:45 or so as we were chatting on the run.   It ended up being quicker than planned but not so hard that we were hurting.   First round felt great as it usually does.  It all comes down to the run.  Can I sustain a quick enough pace that doesnt slow me down on the other movements.

Round 1 run 1:33  Total round 2:33
Round 2 run 1:56   round time - 2:55 Total time - 5:28
Round 3 run 2:04  round time -2:53  Total time 8:21

Pretty happy with that performance.  18 seconds off my best time.  Deroma beat my other score so he moved me down into 3rd place in the gym. 

The 8:44 Splits are Jarrod's scores which were smoking in first round

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