Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Craic 30 for 30 redux

Morning Sky
Warm Up

10 S2OH @95s
500 M row
5 S2OH @115s
400m Row
15 calorie Row all out = Tried to stay between 2100-2200 cals per hour.  Ugly but hard.  Jarrod offered my some technical advice.  At that pace form is out the window and I am just trying to put numbers up.   I will try to consider form next max effort.

30-Cals Rowed

Last time I did this I did a 3:14.  Neither score very good.  I was feeling very fatigued but after watching Dave and Eric do it I was more energized.

S2OH - 20 - 6 - 4
Split time - 1:26
30 Cals - 1:06

Total time - 2:32

Started rowing and couldnt even hit 1500.   Picked it up again but really didnt move the needle.

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