Saturday, June 14, 2014

Drop in at Florian

GGot a text from Paul Teehan to come and train with him and the guys at Florian. Craic was just scheduled to run so the timing was great.  Dennis Mahoney joined us as well.  Surprised to see Danny Deroma there as well.

Masters final wod 
100 du's
100m run
4 rope climbs
100m run
30 FS 135 with fat bar
100m run
100m farmer carry 70l
100m run 
30 1arm snatch 70 15l/15r
100m run

Interesting wod but i approached it way to tentatively.  Feel behind early and was left way behind.  Only did 50lb snatches as we ran out of weights.  
Final time - 10:29

Dennis and I did a 2nd wod.  Programmed the rower so I could look at my splits and the damn monitor restarts just after I start.   

1000m row
30 Burpees
750m row
20 Burpees
500m row
10 burpees


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