Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Warm Up 
3rounds of 
5 strict pullups
10 jumping lunges
15 V-Ups

Skill/Strength: Hang Power Clean
Work to a weight for the following:
1rep on every 3rd min for 15min

I started this but shut it down as my forearm tendon is aggravated by Cleans! I dont like not being able to do the WODs as prescribed.  Had to battle my inner voice to back away from cleans and sub in Deadlifts - 325, 355, 355, 355, 355, 355

3 rounds
Run 200m
5 Hang Power Clean @60% of the weight used above
10 pushups
15 Toes to bar
12 min cap

6:22  All straight thru until 3rd round of T2B 10 then 5

Hand Stand Push-Ups

5, 10, 10

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