Saturday, November 5, 2011

Challenge Accepted - Peer Pressure or Friendly Competition

Challenge Accepted
On of the biggest benefits of crossfit is training with a group.    I can honestly say that you are more accountable to yourself in a group than when training alone.  The other aspect is that in a group you will push yourself harder and challenge yourself more often.

When I reviewed the WOD posted for today I had no plan to do anything other than what was on the board.  That all changed in the warm-up, Sara said grab a kettlebell you are comfortable with to practice the movements.   Badass Jack Daly grabs a 53lb KB, now I planned on grabbing a 35lber for the warm-up but thought geez I cant do that if Jack is using 53lber.    As we moved thru the warm-up it wasnt so bad.   So i decided to try to one up Jack by saying C2B vs regular pullups.   Now this was not very smart as Jack is a pullup Ninja.    So within 5 minutes the ante had been upped significantly.  A tough WOD had become just that little bit harder.   As all good coaches do - Sara Mac said "are you sure you will be good with that weight?"  My response - it wont be easy but I will give it a try.

Skill: Double Kettlebell Clean
Fractured Kettlebell Fran
5 rounds for time
9 KB Thrusters 44/25 (Scaled up to 53lbs)
9 Pullups (Scaled up to C2B)

Total Time 8:06


Jack said...

By the way... my time was 8:11. Way to go Johnny!

Tony No Bread said...

Jack has that affect!