Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 1 of Garage Games at Crossfit Southie

When I woke up with only 3 hours of sleep under my belt and probably 24 over the past 4 days I strongly considered mailing it in.  I decided to just go and do it and whatever happens, happens.

Garage Games - Whitey Bulger WOD

1. Whitey Bulger - 5 minutes to complete 500 m row, 20 lateral bar jump burpees, AMRAP squat cleans @135#. Score is # of squat cleans.

2. SnatchBalls - 7 min AMRAP - 7 power snatch @95# + 10 wall balls @20#
3. Spiderman - 5 Rounds - 20 stand up on the box jumps, 15 pullups, 5 Wall Climbs

Wod 1 went better than expected.   I tried to keep my row around 1:40-1:50 and then just get thru the burpees with enough energy for the Squat Cleans.   I was able to bust out 19.  I really would have like 20 but failed on the last clean.

Wod 2 - This was just pure hell.   I flew out of the gate on the first 3 rounds and then complete imploded.  Absolutely gassed.   Someone said if you actually learned how to snatch you might be good
6 Rounds plus 1.

WOD 3 - This wod was just not good at all.   Mostly because I lost my mind when the head judge came over and added what I thought was a new standard in that my arms had to be close to the wall.  I couldnt figure why this was a standard my chest was touching.  I got fouled for some chest coming up before my legs were up which were totally valid.   Either way my emotional reaction was something that i am not truly ashamed of and embarrassed by.  I let my gym and coaches down for the disrespect that I showed the judges.  This wont happen again but wont make up for what has happened.  I did apologize again to my judge today.

Total time 13:47

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