Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last did this WOD in March.   For me this is a wod that is all about the right pacing for the row so that when you get off you can get right after the Thrusters.  

I convinced Paul and Dork to hold off so that we could be in the final heat together.   Paul had the leader board with a 6:50 to my 7:19.   Rico had all ready put up a 7:09 to push me to 3rd on the leader board.  Rowing between Paul and Dork I knew I couldnt or shouldnt try to match their pace.   Dork ended up doing a 3:13,  Paul a 3:20.  and  I did a 3:33.   I knew I had to do the Thrusters unbroken.    I was matching Paul's speed but that wasnt good enough as I was already behind.   Paul finished and I was 3 reps behind.  My saving grace was that Paul stopped to chalk up his hands.  I went right to the bar and kept going until I was at 30 finishing just before Paul.   It was a great push for me.   The more I train head to head with Paul the better. 

for time
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters @45lbs
30 Pullups

My final time was a 6:12.   That is a minute and 7 seconds faster than the last time I did it. 

I visited Dr Gale today to have him work on my arm.  Much better after one treatment.

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