Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating Success & Active Rest Days

Took some time off as we were at the in laws and i didnt feel like driving to a box to workout.   Did some kind of hike or walk every day. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

More importantly I want to celebrate the success that Susie has had with Crossfit and the no bread challenge.   Its a bummer that she didnt win as she has been crushing her WODs and setting all kinds of PR's:

  1. 1RM Power Clean - 135# (20# PR)
  2. 1RM Front Squat - 170# (25# PR)
  3. 1RM Overhead Squat - 120# (45# PR)
  4. 2RM Dead Lift - 256# (46# PR)
  5. 500m Row - 1:45 (top of the board)
  6. Fran - 6:38 @ 45# (3min PR)
  7. Max Push Ups - 25
  8. Max Dips - 13
  9. 2 Min Max Double Unders - 93 (32 rep PR) 
 Not to mention 3rd Place Turkey Throwdown Rx Division. In CrossFit, we maintain that we are driven solely by performance. We aim to get stronger, faster, better. We suggest the Paleo/No bread, not to lose weight but because it will enhance your performance and make you feel better from the inside out.  Susie you are awesome! 

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Sean Urban said...

That is insane!! Congrats to her, and I thought you were a machine!