Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I already knew

Snow storm so no trip to West Coast.  No desire to do 13.5 which is what the gym had programmed.  Redoing open wods is like calling some girl you finally got over.  Why in the world would put yourself thru that pain again.  New wods you don't know how bad they will hurt.  I'm not even talking the physical pain.  The mental stress of the 5 weeks is brutal. 

I would consider doing this years open only under complete in the dark mode.  Meaning I never look at the wod until I do it.   I have someone else enter my scores.  I log off all social media where opens might be discussed and no one talks to me about opens or Crossfit for that matter. Realistic? No of course not.

On to today's wod.  The Bergeron Fit test. Used it to confirm what I already knew!

7 thrusters @ 75lbs
7 Pull-ups 
7 burpees

First round finished with 10 seconds to spare and then I lost 2+ seconds a round.
5 rounds plus 

Took a 5 minute break and tried again.  First round felt good, 2nd round not so much. Failed half way thru 3 round.  I will do that one again. 

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