Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding Balance

Although the last 2 days of wods don't look like they were too hard I'm feeling it. Not sore but feeling fatigued. I thought it would be best if I just did a recovery wod, squeezed in a workout before my 8am meeting. 

 3 rounds not for time

15 bench press @135
15 KBS @53lbs
15 GHD sit-ups 
15 GHD back extension
15 pull-ups 

Super busy day at work.  Susie and I had a nice chat about CrossFit programming competing etc on the drive to NY.  In quite content just training right now and doing the Saturday pre class throwdowns . 
Last year I enjoyed the training and lead up to the games but then it became a 5 week slog.  More like work than a fun outlet.  Sadly the CrossFit world gets ready be tilted on its axis for the opens very soon.  5 weeks of non stop obsession and talk about the wods.  I personally will check our until my regular program returns. 

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