Thursday, January 16, 2014

Row till Anoxic

I never knew what Anoxia meant until the good Dr Gold posted on No Bread he couldn't write because he was Anoxic.   Well during and after today's WOD I was Anoxic.  In fact this wod was so hard it hurt to have my eyes open.  Opening then didn't hurt but trying to focus sure did.   A very simple workout.


8 Rounds (EFT)
350m Row
Rest (3-5mins)

I partnered up with Dennis and tried to get mentally ready for the pain that was about to come.  Even then I think I underestimated believing that 350m couldnt possibly be as bad as 500m.  Completely wrong.

Round  Time  /500m 
1 01:01.5 01:27.8
2 1:03:00 1:30:00
3 01:06.3 1:35:00
4 01:06.6 01:35.1
5 01:16.9 01:49.8
6 01:10.5 01:40.7
7 01:09.8 01:39.7
8 01:13.8 1:45:00


 Round 1 felt great.   Good start felt strong till 100m left.   2nd round a lot harder.   Round 3 and 4 really hard when 150meters to go.   I was taking around 4 minutes or 4:30 minute breaks up to this point and then Jarrod turned off the timer and I had no idea how long I had been resting. I still felt very fatigued but at this point your body and mind are in a complete argument making logical thinking impossible.  The wheels came off in the 5th round.  Probably as much mental as physical.   Came back and was strong until the last one.   I was the last one still to go and it was already 6:30am so I probably didnt use up every ounce.   Was it negative splits - nope.  Was it FLY AND DIE as the good people at Concept2 call it...Probably.   See their rowing strategy page here - rowing-for-specific-goals/competition   The good news is that I was able to find a pace that was nearly sustainable for most of the rounds after.  But damn it hurt.

By the way Dennis' writing is worse than mine. Maybe he was anoxic and I was only hypoxic.  

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