Sunday, January 26, 2014

Testing 1,2,3

Retest of the "Bergeron Fit Test".  Absolutely more fun to do it with a group.  Dennis and Anthony signed up for a trip to the pain game.  I was hoping to improve on Wednesdays performance. Anthony went first and absolutely smoked the first 3 rounds.  He made it look like a warm up.  This gave me a bit of confidence.  I went after Amthony and felt good till round 3 and then it started getting real hard.  Managed to get though the round of 5 and spent too muh time looking at the bar.  It's possible to get 6 but you need to get right after it.

Here are the stats:

9am class was next. The wod was 7 min Amrap burpees.   I was feeling a bit smoked while we mobilized.  Not a good sign. My plan was to go to 4min to get a score for masters wod testing page. I hit the 4 min mark at 66 and sat down for what seemed like 30-44 seconds. Then decided to hop back in. Not a bad second effort but way off my total for 12.1 from 2012.

The stats as captured by Dennis:

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