Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Travel Day - Rest Day - Tired Day

On Tuesday flew down to NY for work.  Shaved the beard off as I didnt want to take any slack and I was not fully committed to keeping it anyways.

Full day and then we had a client event in the evening.   Small group reception before Neil Young concert at Carnegie Hall.   Nice reception and I really enjoyed the concert.   By the time the show ended and we collected our coats it was close to 11pm and I was absolutely starving.   Went to dinner with some colleagues I have nt seen in awhile and it was a good time even though I was exhausted.

Neil Young - Yeh thats him

Got back to the hotel about 1am  and had to get a few things done before I crashed.   I remember editing a document and then next thing I knew I was waking up an hour later with my laptop on my chest and absolutely no idea where I was and whether it was the weekend or weekday.

Clearly couldnt answer the crossfit bell after 4 hours of sleep so I ended up taking two days off.  Not sure I would classify them as rest days.

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