Saturday, January 11, 2014

Unofficial 8am Class New tradition

Opted out of the 7am class as they were doing a Open Workout.   No open workouts for me. I wouldnt have been in any shape to do it - last nights birthday celebration was too much fun.

I had convinced Anthony to join me for some kind of partner wod, change of plans when I discovered that Dennis Mahoney was in the house.  He had thought there was an 8am class.  I had planned on doing the partner wod that Crossfit Reebok 5th avenue programmed on Wednesday but that wouldnt work with 3 people so we opted to all go head to head.

“Cooler then Ice Cold”
Teams of 2, one partner works at a time  ****Reprogrammed as SOLO ****
3 rounds
15 OH Walking Lunges (45/25) single count
7 Power Snatch (115/75)
Then- We didnt set up the rowers but agreed who ever finished first on lunges and snatched they would pull the rowers out.  I was last so my rower was set up,
2 Rounds
500 m Row
35 Air Squats
15 Wall Climbs
This was a great combo of workouts that taxed legs and shoulders.  First one was a combo to soften you up and then the 2nd was all legs and last all shoulders.
Anthony flew through the row and squats but I was able to catch and pass him on the Wall Climbs.  
 JFD - 16:26
Anthony - 16:37
 Dennis - 17:33
 So much fun!  Its great to have an old guy crew.  I had considered just going home but as athlete after athlete poured into the box and the energy level amped up I was in for another wod.
We had to do two heats as there were about 26 people.  Anthony and I were partnered up and I went first .  Susie was in my heat and she was crushing it.

9- Deadlifts @155
12- Pushups
15- Box Jumps 24”/20”

Just tried to keep moving.  Did 9 rounds.  Amazing atmosphere.   Ben did an excellent job managing the group given the size and multiple movements.

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