Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lightweight Macho Man

 I was looking at some of my fellow Craic head athletes blogs as I was very curious to see what Danny Deroma (see his blog here - tinmansdirtylaundry ) would have to say about getting into the 2nd round of 13.5,  He has been training like a beast and he absolutely crushed the wod.

Well he hadnt posted on that wod yet but what I did find was a  a link to Eric Thomas' "How Bad do you want to succeed" video.   Eric is a renowned speaker delivering high energy messages that encourage people to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of crime, hopelessness and despair that many face daily.  It was a version that I hadnt watched before and it really hit home for me once again but in a completely different way.    I totally agree with his message so it wasnt about that it really help me understand why I am not going to do the opens this year. 

In the video Eric states that you have to be willing to sacrifice everything to succeed.  Well I  did that last year, I prioritized everything around my training including my family.  So the result is that I still fell short. I never said it or really thought about it but declined to get as singularly focused.   So as the Opens approach it would be hard to go into them and just do it for fun.   Its not something I can do at this point, Im just not wired that way.   Its best if I just keep training and keep on the current course.  Anyone who might read this and have a different opinion or thought please share either by commenting or sending me an email/text etc...

So on to today's training.  Texted Anthony to see what his plan was and he as already at the gym with Steve M getting ready to do a wod of rowing and swings.  Since I rowing tomorrow I opted to do the EMOM I had planned on doing.   I was pretty frightened of doing another balls to wall wod made worse by the fact that Richard Johnson posted he didnt even get 6 rounds.  I warmed up but it was really just procrastination at its finest.

WOD - "Macho Man"As I understood it at the time the RX version is
10 Min Cap
OTM for as long as possible: @185lbs (I SCALED to @155lbs)
3 Power Clean
3 Front Squat
3 Jerks
*If you fail a round rest a round then begin again

Was hoping to make it to 5 rounds and blew past that.  Did the whole 10 minutes. Most rounds I had about 20-25 seconds of rest. 

After that I did 2 rounds of max Muscle Ups and got 8 and 5.

I discovered tonight through the help of Google that there are different versions of MACHO MAN including one with a 20 min cap @165lbs.  A Might try that one next before I jump to 185lbs.

Here is what I found on the floor after I finally was able to stand up. Can you make out the Reebok? Cool huh.  Sara Mcevoy thought I was taking a photo of Bruins hair that you can see in the upper left.

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