Friday, January 24, 2014

A punch in the heart

I was looking forward to today's rowing wod when it was posted last night.   It looked simple enough, a few more rounds than last week but 100meters less.  This was going to be way easier than last week.   When I walked into Craic and noticed everyone looking a little worse for wear I brushed it off as the result of a long work week.  I was still in denial when Dennis2 told me it was way harder than last week.   

10 Rounds (EFT)
250m Row
Rest (3-5mins)

I was still not convinced it was going to be too bad until about round 3.  Then I knew I was in for a serious beatdown.

Round  Time /500m pace
1 43.3 01:26.6
2 42.8 01:25.6
3 44.7 01:29.4
4 44.9 01:29.8
5 45.3 01:30.6
6 47.8 01:35.6
7 48 1:36
8 46.9 1.33.8
9 48.4 01:36.8
10 46.8 01:33.6

As I finished each round I felt ok and then about 45 seconds later my legs and lungs were burning.  Weird delay.  It would be great if I could put it off for like a day.   That wod really messed me up. It was really like a punch in the heart.

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