Thursday, January 9, 2014

Late vs not at all

The Craic website posted 2k row last night.  Well that is a brutal workout and has a pain factor of 50 when done early in the morning.   I was up but really tired so blew off the class and decided to do it at home at the end of the day.   Full busy day but at 7pm I went into the room of pain and did a 500m warm up. Stretched a little and got ready to enjoy the pain.   I really tried to pace it and not go out too quickly and things were looking great until the 1200 meter mark and then everything started to go south in a hurry. My legs and lungs were burning and I couldnt muster any back up reserves until about 300meters to go.  I dug in and did a 15 seconds burst with my arms and started to drive the numbers down.   Too late to do a sub 7.   7:09 a PR for me but bummed out I couldnt break the 7 minute barrier. Need to stay after this one.   I was able to break the 1:30 barrier on 500m so I know I can get this one as well.

I just found a post of Anthony Demusis crushing the 2k like a boss.  I wish I had the energy to yell like him. I cant even do that before we start let alone after it.   Tip of the hat to Anthony.  In case you missed it on ESPN you can find it on Facebook.  Sad I cant link up to it - Facebook fail.

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